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Julie Akeman Art Blog

Wolfish Dreams

by CeltFire , September 28, 2008—12:00 AM

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Wolves cascade through a mist in the light of the full moon.

I love the colors in this but wish I could have done a better job. My biggest problem is finding good pictures of wolves running. I've done great sketches of wolves standing, laying down, even howling but I have not been able to find a picture of a wolf running. My closest bet would be to find a dvd of wolves and pause during a running sequence. Just haven't found one yet. There was a great new book about wolves at the library. Someone checked it out and it never was returned. I hate that.

Since I am getting more art I hope everyone notices that I am making galleries on each subject so if some are looking for things in a specific area they can click onto that like Celtic on one, shells on another, and cityscapes on yet another. I am going to redo another city scape that I did when I lived in Kent Washington. It's from old town Kent and a lot of buildings have character. This piece looks something like Hopper's work. It's a daytime scene of a tree and two buildings close together, and it's BORING! I'm changing the color scheme like I did on my other Kent picture. I am also making my Celtic Green Man Wizard for this site. There is also a special project in the works for an organization in the next town, about domestic violence, Let the Healing Begin, and I don't know if I will get a pic of that before I have to turn it in, which is tomorrow. I'm trying to get my name out on a local scale as well as online. Hope you enjoy my new paintings.



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