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by CeltFire , September 21, 2008—05:07 PM

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I am going to rework that Green Man Oak painting. Basically I'm going to deepen the greens and make the eyes more bright with yellow. I want it to look closer to what I did with my Green Man and Fairy. I want that dramatic look and right now it's so cartoonish to me I really want to change it.

There are other older paintings I am going to rework. The paints looked muddied and faded, probably because I used student grade back then. The Lukas oils I use now stay bright and fresh. It's also lower cost than others. The paint keeps a wet look to them even when they dry, and they dry quickly, like two days, more if you layed it on thick. I have one panaramic painting of tornadoes that need work. I want the colors very bright, and the paint is very thin, it makes the whole painting flat so I am going to give it a bit more texture by working slightly more thick. This is the best thing I love about oils, you can always fix them later. Watercolors on the other hand are tricky but they can be done.

I have a large watercolor of a heron catching a fish in it's beak. When I did this picture I didn't have a reference photo for the darn heron. It was a blue heron and there were a couple of features that I got wrong. I believe I can fix it up but I haven't done watercolors in awhile. I'm a bit rusty. Or maybe that's just my belief. I've been a believer that if you return to a craft your hands will remember what to do. However I have known a few people of whome the spark of creativity died in them. Also they were alcoholics.

One mother of a boyfriend I had years ago used to paint. He told me that his dad had beat it out of her. I felt sorry for that woman. She really believed she had no talent and just never painted even when her husband died, she just was consumed by alcohol. I knew and interesting lady during a stained glass class I took at the commumity college here. At one point she said doing glass work keeps her sober. She was a recovering alcoholic. I smile at that, art helps people get a hold of themselves, at least those on a normal plane, bipolars can run themselves into the ground with their creativity. THe book Touched by Fire goes into the history of bipolar and the creative mind. My husbands mom was a painter, she died of alcoholism. She tried to paint but was following the Bob Ross method. I HATE the Bob Ross method. I got my first set of paints from one of those Bob Ross kits and the first mountain I tried to do according to his method turned into a cowpie, I'm not kidding. The next picture was way better, a lot of texture and this was before I took a college class on painting. Un fortunally my husbands mother thought she had no talent because her stuff didn't come out like Bob Ross's stuff. I wished she was alive I would have set her straight. Some of my pieces are great, some not so great but always I paint, and rework and learn and I am getting better by the practice of my artistic sense not by someone elses methods.

OHH I study certain artist's way of doing things like how Thomas Kincade makes his paintings 'light up' things like that you know. I don't follow method. I don't think I would teach, no, what I would do is open a place where all artists can come to share and develop their artistic spirits. Just someplace where we can gather to paint a little. I have run into some busy moms who don't have time to paint. Whether you are a hobbiest or a serious painter art should be in everyones lives. My I believe this is the longest blog I have ever done. I hope readers get something out of this.



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