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Julie Akeman Art Blog

Fairy Tree

by CeltFire , September 19, 2008—12:00 AM

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You may not see them but they are there. Fairy light glows in the inside of a split oak, and a moonlit mist flows into the enchanted forest. This painted comes framed as shown.

This was the piece that I showed this year at the Verdigris Valley art show. I'm not entirely happy with the trees in the background. There is a strange mix of eerieness and the mystic. The greens came out great. I love the fact that you can look at this painting and create your own story about what's going on. This was inspired by some pictures a guy on the enchanted folk site had taken. They were real forests with lots of green moss and in his captions he says things like there be faries or something like that. It was fun painting this, creating a world based on the real one and punching up the colors. This painting gives glory to those with the imaginations to see faries.



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