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Julie Akeman Art Blog

Working on a new painting

by CeltFire , September 17, 2008—03:25 PM

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I am now working on my Green Man Wizard painting I've talked about before. It is going really well. It's on a larger canvas and I really love doing larger works than the smaller ones but the smaller ones lets me freely experiment in a smaller space and I can focus more when I get back to a larger painting. I've been seeing the news about the recession. I wonder how bad it gets for artist's during these types of economic decline. I guess it depends on which people are badly affected by recessions.

The library has a new children's book about an African-American artist who was a servant but painted at night and eventually she was selling her paintings for thousands of dollars. When her paintings were being showed at a gallery she was not allowed in till after hours because she was black. She died in 1988, forgot her name. I don't know much about Black folk art, as it's been called, But I loved what I saw of her works, and she was clever, she used anything she could get her hands on to paint. The people she worked for housed artists from time to time, she got their used up paints and brushes and found objects to paint from wood to sheets to an old skillet. I noticed I'm running out of sap green, I thought I had bought some, I guess not, I looked all over the paint box. If I don't have the money to buy new oil paints I will use my watercolors till those are used up.



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