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Julie Akeman Art Blog

Jewlery too!!

by CeltFire , September 13, 2008—01:16 PM

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My negative balance in my bank is forcing me to find ways to make money. I had a stash of earrings I'd made a few years ago and after talking it over with my husband I am asking two exchange students who are boarding at my parents house to pass them around and see if people will buy them. My boss lady at work and another lady already bought a pair, the earrings are five dollars for a pair. The work isn't bad for someone who did it without consulting a how to book. I had baggies for the earrings so what I did was staple a business card (I'd made that four years back) and wrote in the current information for contact including my artid site. THIS will help spread the word about my site. I will eventually put up pics of my jewelry.

The library has books on beading and wirework and jewelry making so I can make better ones. There is a neat book about braiding so making bracelets could be in the future too and this is something my six year old daughter can help me with, she can pick out what stones look nice and I can weave it in. If I sell all of these earrings I have here I'd make $110 then I can take what I have made and pay off the bills (a lot of money) and make more and hopefully sell more earrings and put money in the bank. I noticed how people sell more if they are making things that are more useful. I'm not quitting on my painting but I might as well create jewlery so that I can create interest in my site and in my paintings. I hope it works because my check from working at the library is not meeting our financially needs. Our car had to be worked on and that put us in the hole. I just hope to get out of it before next month.




  Caroline Henry ( homepage )

09/17/2008 * 14:14:25

Dear Julie,
Along the lines of useful items that sell and are inexpensive to create if you have access to a decent computer printer are note cards with images of your art. At least that works for me and several of my friends in our local sales, and it honors your desire to paint.

Bes of luck,

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