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August Rush

by CeltFire , September 9, 2008—02:33 PM

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If you haven't seen August Rush then see it. I checked it out from the Library and I really want to own it. What it says about music, genius and talent is awesome. It made me get back into painting. I finished Wolfish Dreams and I did one more painting which was more about playing with the brush strokes than the subject of the picture which is pretty weak but I really just wanted to paint anything, I was lisitening to Stone of Scotland and I still wanted to keep painting but I didn't want to work work you know, so I did this bright red flower, looks sort of like a pointsetta and the background is in shades of blue, indigo and emerald green. I doubt if I will sell it but I will place it in a future blog so others can tell me its merits if any. I love to paint with music on, usually instrumential but I had to listen to Stone of Scotland since it's been so long. I'd love to get the soundtrack to August Rush. It has the Irish guy on it that was from Bend it like Beckham, my husband was teasing me about it, I got after him when we watched The Lost Boys because Jami Gertz was his crush. We both were impressed with August Rush. It was unusual, different than what has been out there so far and truly inspiring.



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