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Julie Akeman Art Blog

new studio...sort of

by CeltFire , September 4, 2008—03:14 PM

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I got things moved into our new apartment, and it's quite a disaster area and I won't be able to get back to painting quite yet but I did get my little nook of a studio in shape. It's funny really, calling that small space a studio but there is an article in this months Artist's Magazine about a lady who painted in many different 'studios' since her husband was a fixer upper of places so they lived where they fix up things then sell it and move on to a next project. I will post a pic of my new studio. It's in the end of the kitchen where the washer and dryer units should be. Of course we cant afford the units so I just stashed all that stuff back there. It's fall now and I get the most creative during this month, more in october which is my favorite month. I want to do dark and mysterious things. I hope that by the end of this week I can post up some new paintings as well, I just have to get organized at home first so we are all more comfortable. As it is we are all stressed out. I just want to get back to painting.




  Caroline Henry ( homepage )

09/08/2008 * 20:25:06

I've been through a stressful month with little opportunity to paint too, so I can sympathize. Congratulations on figuring out a way to create a studio space. At the moment my daughter and my son-in-law have as their studio space a patio table. Fortunately, they live in Santa Cruz CA where the weather is very mild, so working outside is possible most of the time. I read the studio article in Artist Magazine, too. It is a great encouragement with anyone who struggles to establish a place devoted to painting. Caroline

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