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Movies for inspiration

by CeltFire , August 15, 2008—03:25 PM

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A visual artist needs visual input for inspiration. I get mine from different sources like going on a walk, reading fantasy books and movies is one of my favorite sources.

One of my favorite movies is the Lord of the Rings, that's obvious when you look at my blog on the painting I did of the movie characters. I got the extended versions (the ones that came out first time around) and I delved into the artists involvement in the work from the conceptual drawings to the chain mail work. Everything just makes you want to put your all into any piece you work on. This helps when I am working on a more challenging piece and am nervous about being able to complete it once I start. Most of my work happens in my head THEN it gets put down on canvas, or if needed I do a few sketches first. I see all the work done on LOTR and I see the finished product of hundreds of people and that is inspiring.

There are also some kids movies I have loved and still love, The Muppet Movie and The Muppets Take Manhattan. I see the Muppet Movie as being very idealistic as in once Kermit and the gang get in to see Mr. Big they immediately get in to do their movie whereas in Manhattan they kept getting the door closed in their faces when they are trying to sell their show on Broadway. But they kept going and they finally make it. My dad once told me that I could keep working as a cashier I can do my art when I retire. I was like WHATTT!!! Look its hard to do art but I have to keep going because you improve with each painting. Not painting is like suffocating me. It's not a 'hobby' there is too much desire to do more with it. I ended up quitting my cashier job and started working for the library instead. I'm working three hour a days now but my pay rate is higher than the grocery store I was working at and it's a lot less stressful.

Movies done by Disney get me focused on color and mood. The Last Unicorn uses inspiration from old medieval tapestries in their animation. My favorite movie is The Neverending Story which really stretches the imagination, the book is even better.

Sometimes I work so hard on sketches or paintings that I get burned out. I never worry about never finding ideas. I got so many sketches that haven't been put on canvas yet I have no worries. Seeing these movies, and more, gives me the spark I need to keep going. I used to worry about not having anymore ideas but no more.



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