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hard times

by CeltFire , August 11, 2008—03:25 PM

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No matter what I will still do my art. I just lost my second part-time job last week. Now I'm back to my regular page duties at the library I work at. Because several things are hitting us at once, like my husbands school loans need to be paid off as well as my loss of income from the janitorial job I used to do. UGH ok so I won't be able to buy the desired brushes for my oil painting work. I can still work with what I have it's just a matter of using the brush in a way that the bristles that are sticking out are not going to ruin the painting. I have a very loose style anyway. I just was dying to work with quality brushes for the first time and see what the difference is. I did start a charcoal drawing for my 'wolfish dreams' painting today. I might be able to start painting today.

I wanted to post new stuff this month but my parents have not come back from their vacation yet. I need my dad's digital camera and his computer to get pics of my paintings online here. They have been traveling in their RV, they don't use cell phones, so I hope they are not stranded somewhere. The movie RV depicts reality all too well. I hope that soon I can be showing off my new works. I need something new to blog about.




  Caroline Henry ( homepage )

08/12/2008 * 01:09:55

Good for you for writing this blog entry and catching readers up on what is happening with you. So many artists struggle to do the thing that they love. I know you are anxious for your parents to return so that you can put some new art up, but if it takes a while, please don't hesitate to share your art experiences in written form. Caroline

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