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by CeltFire , July 21, 2008—02:27 PM

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last night I was playing with soft pastels and came up with some abstract images that I thought looked interesting. I am not one to think in abstract art but I have been reading about it since we got a good book on abstract painting. I saw this movie Art School Confidential and it's a dark comedy on art school life. And there was some very bad student art. What was funny that the main character had great talent, great skill in depicting the human form. All the students bash him saying it looks confined, or saying it looks like its been drawn by a machine. One student talks such gobblydegook on what for his art is and his piece looks like ketchum smeared on cardboard. At one critique he said his art does not represent color or form and I'm thinking what have you left? When I was playing with pastel abstractions I was thinking it would be hilarious if I showed these and some art critique sees them and believes they are the greatest things in the world. HA Part of the abstract image was made by silver marker when I let my oldest daughter then three, to play in that particular sketchbook. There are several pages with her silver markings in it and I just colored in the spaces. What makes a good abstraction, I guess the thought behind it. The ketchup smear on cardboard doesn't do it for me.




  Caroline Henry ( homepage )

07/21/2008 * 21:03:10

I did see some really beautiful and interesting abstract pastels in a small independent coffee house yesterday. There was something of a feeling of the abstractions formed by waves or by shadows on rugged hills, but in all sort of amazing color combinations. I think there is much truth in your statement that "the thought behind it" is what leads to the successful abstraction.

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