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Julie Akeman Art Blog

Wolfish Dreams

by CeltFire , July 17, 2008—02:31 PM

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For a while I have been thinking of a wolf painting that I might look good on a 11 by 14 inch canvas. Now that the site has traffic statistics I can see that my Celtic Wolf got the most looks. I like that one but it could be soo much better. The pic itself looks washed out in the middle area so I will see about getting a better pic to replace that. I have a vision of a pack of wolves on a moonlit night. It will be a dreamlike image with wolves running down one side of the canvas an making like a waterfall of wolves. I haven't decided if I will make the wolves realistic in color or play it up a bit. Something I'll have to sketch on. I suppose wolves are still popular paintings. I sold one a few years back. That was done in more realistic colors and it was pretty good. The lady who bought it from me said her mother loved it, it was a birthday present, and her mother loved wolves. That's nice, giving a painting for a present, something different from the average gifts on the market. I'm hoping to have a line of smaller paintings for sale at $30 and have a larger painting sold for more depending on how it turns out. My greatest dream is to do my art for a living, I'll need to get my own computer, scanner, digital camera someday. I'm hoping to get new brushes maybe next month. I'm going to start saving for a decent easel. I have a good table one but my floor one is a ricketty wooden deal from Wal-Mart. It's hard to paint when any minuted the whole thing might come crashing down. The problem is it slides on the kitchen floor, a slippery wood laminated. Oh to afford a house with a place to call an art room would be nice. I make do with what I have very well, I have to. Either that or quit, and THAT'S not ever going to happen.




  Mary ( homepage )

07/21/2008 * 11:41:56

The wolf image is so powerful and has so many levels of meaning cross culturally, it's one that is timeless. The wolf will always be a sought after image. Whether you choose to portray it realistically stylisticaly or abstractly, the effect of the image will be intact.
I'm glad the traffic statistics are giving you the information you need, sometimes it's suprising what gets the most traffic.
Hey, anybody out there got an extra easel? Looks like Julie could really use one!
It's a challenge to make art under less than great circumstances but it can be done. Try not to get too frustrated, a beautiful studio and all the best supplies do not good art make.

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