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Art and Fear 2

by CeltFire , July 11, 2008—03:29 PM

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Here is a really good quote from the book, "courting approval, even that of peers, puts a dangerous amount of power in the hands of the audience. Worse yet, the audience is seldom in a position to grant (or withhold) approval on the one issue that really counts-namely, whether or not you're making progress in your work....the only pure communication is between you and your work."

I hit an ah ha moment when I was working on a new painting and that is I really do great work when I am able to paint fast and freely. I'm working on a lotus and I really love the brush strokes and I have been comparing this new painting to some of my older ones which looks sloppy compared to what I got done last night. I love the new paints I'm using (Lukas Oils) and it looks different than the others I have been using which was mostly Grumbacher but quite a bit of the oils were student grade. Well I have the right oils (for me) the right canvas and now I've got it down exactly how I want to do my art. I don't want to do layers now, I like the allaprima method. My teacher from college said to NEVER mix paint on the canvas, well that's fine for some people but I love the way I get the colors flowing on the canvas. I can paint by mixing on the palette just fine but I know how to mix on the canvas and not mess it up. My husband loves it so far.

When I was younger I was always wanting approval for my works, especially from my parents who were not that supportive. Reading this book and finding that quote had released me to experiment with my painting. I wish I could put my paintings online as much as I want but I don't own a computer, or have a digital camera and couldn't afford internet service anyway. Just getting the needed art supplies is a struggle. I'm using brushes bought from Wal-Mart and I can't wait to get a better set, one of my flats bristles are splaying away from the rest and it is the one I am using now to paint my lotus. I used to make great drawings using only a number two pencil, my grandfather who was an artist thought my work then with my limited supplies was pretty good. I can hold my own till I can afford it. But I suspect my art will look even better once I get high quality brushes. Next month when my dad gets back from vacation and I can use his camera again I will be putting up a lot of paintings, old and new. I'm planning on blogging on some of my old ones and pointing out what changed and what hasn't so that new artists can see how work evolves over time. I noticed a lot of children artists are on this site and I think that's great. If anyone has a favorite quote that keeps you going you can share it here. I'll write again next week. Happy painting.



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