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Art and Fear

by CeltFire , July 10, 2008—03:26 PM

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I have this book called Art and Fear by David Bayles and Ted Orland. I have been highlighting certain things that ring with me and keep me going in doing art and I want to start blogging about it from time to time.

"vision is always ahead of execution, knowledge of materials is your contact with reality, and uncertainty is a virtue."

That is soooo true. I just finished a painting though it's a practice piece to a larger one I'm going to do it still didn't come out as I expected it. It's a simple scallop shell and it's on a ultramarine blue background, the shell is in bright greens and some yellow highlights. All done in oils. What my intention was that on the shell I was going to make a tree but it ended up without a tree. Why the omission? I don't know, just one of those things that just happens sometimes, I follow the flow of my painting though I start with one vision I sometimes end up with something else, most of the times it's good, other's I'd have to work on technical problems in my painting. I like the colors, my paintings tend to focus more on colors than the subject itself that I wonder if I'm a closet abstract expressionist. One of my husband's friends had asked me what I was drawing when I was working on something and it was during one of those times when I just intuit my work. I said I don't know yet I'll see when I'm done. He immediately said to me that an art teacher said to him that a true artist has everything planned out from beginning to end. I glared at him and tried to say as nicely as I could that it was a bunch of bull. I think what I said was every artist has their own idea of how art is made. I do plan sometimes but usually that's AFTER I have done intuitive work either by sketching or working on a complete piece by following the 'FLOW'. I'm lucky to have experienced different art teachers to see how varied their visions are and to learn to be open. A few teachers were not that open and as I said in another blog some were just irritated that on a first try at something I did very well. I only had two art teachers that I didn't like, one in high school (who was fired the year after I graduated) and the one in Community College in Washington state, whom other teachers did not like very much. The things those two had in common was a close mindedness about a student's development in the arts. Some are planners, others are emotive, some blend the two. There is another good quote that goes with that thought and I'll have to blog it tomorrow since my time is up now.



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