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About Orcas

by CeltFire , June 28, 2008—03:50 PM

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I really like this painting though I hope to do better work if I do another whale painting again. When I was a teen I drew whales a lot. I was quite good at it. I have not done much oil painting work with whales. When I drew whales it was in pencil I think I had trouble trying to work whales with color when it came to oils though my watercolors of whales was ok. I was working with black then and consequently it made my whales look flat and more like the kind I did when I was a little kid. This one here was based on a sketch I did first in pencil then went over again in colored pencil and was just playing with the color layer using purple, pink, lavender and blues. I liked the result, the oil painting came out more vibrant. I only just now decided to put it on here because before there was a lady who owned a health food shop that I hung out at who was interested in it. She was planning on creating a section in her store for local artists but was trying to see if they could afford a change. I haven't gotten a call and every time when I am there she is elsewhere. Been busy with other things that I haven't been there for a month.

Orcas deserves to be seen, I love the colors. When I was painting it it took me longer than it should have. When I was having problems finishing it I left it alone for about a month I think. I went to it and did a couple of strokes of yellow and that was it. I told my husband how it annoyed me that I couldn't figure out how to finish a painting faster than that. I have other ideas for whales and dolphins. One dolphin idea was of weaving dolphins in a celtic knotwork design across a large canvas 30by40. It's still an idea ahead of my ability but I'm thinking on it from time to time. When I think about something enough the solution comes in a dream.



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