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Old art new art

by CeltFire , June 18, 2008—03:33 PM

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I'm going to have to show some old stuff on my blogs in order for others can see how my art grows. I think it would encourage new artists. I got a series of paintings I did of unicorns and they are very loose (sloppy?) my dad thinks they are childish, fine then maybe a child would like them. I have experimented with things and sometimes I get something I love, sometimes I don't but am very surprised when the thing I don't like is accepted by someone else. I have taken a pottery class years back and I did a clay piece using sculpy clay that hardens in your oven. It was a dolphin shaped outline in celtic knotwork. I glued the thing on a wooden plaque painted a deep sea green and I glued some blue/white silk flowers near the tail to look like water splashing. When I was working as a cashier I had brought my piece to work and was showing it off and the guy who brings our lay's chips saw that and wanted to buy it for his daughter for her birthday. In all honesty I thought it was a dinky project lol. In my mind I always want something better. I did sell it to him and he said his daughter loved it, said she never saw anything like it before, and she has an extensive dolphin collection.

Been awhile since I've done celtic knotwork, it makes me crosseyed. I'm about ready to work on an experimental piece. It's going to be a painting of a scallop shell but with a tree on it. The purpose of the painting is to see what colors go well with glazing since I am gearing up to a larger painting of my Green Man Wizard. The scallop will be on a smaller canvas. In order to save a bit of money I buy smaller canvases on sale and in bulk. I got the idea from a book called Big Art Small Canvas. Of course her canvases are really small, I'm sticking to 13×14's and occasionally getting a larger canvas for those ideas that scream for a big size. Another thing I am planning on blogging on is stuff I get inspired by from a book called Art and Fear. I think there is some really good stuff in that book that helps to get people past their blockages.



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