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More art in August

by CeltFire , June 10, 2008—03:27 PM

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I've had some readers asking if I will be putting up more art, yes but not until August because I am currently working on another batch of paintings and also I cannot get pics on them till my parents get back on vacation. I don't have a computer at home, can't afford internet service right now and my dad has a computer with digital camera and he's the only one I know who can help me get this online till I can afford to do it myself. I have bought 12 13 by 14 canvases and I have one larger work I am working on. I have also been working on sketching and studying human anatomy. I have mostly learned art on my own. Ten years back I took my first oil class and just blew every ones minds there, except for my teacher. Funny story.

The first project in that class, begining oil painting we had to pick out a picture to copy from, a landscape that's not overly detailed, we were beginers, however I myself have been doing watercolors for a long time. Using Crayola paints sure and by highschool I was sick of them and wanted someting challenging. Oils was way easier than I thought but the medium was MUCH better for me than watercolors. But I had a good background of copying so when I did this oil painting I had no problems. This beginers class I was in was at a community college and we were mixed with intermediate and advanced. I was asked by a student if I was advanced and I said no I was begining and her jaw dropped. My teacher looked miffed I guess, she tried to 'correct' my painting but I don't think I gave her much to go on because she was used to people struggling with mixing paints and I didn't have that struggle. I didn't like that teacher too much because she tried to make you paint in her way. All other art teachers at that school didn't like her much. A good teacher gives you the skills then lets you have free reign. My big struggle during the ten years of working with oils was getting away from copying. I had a period when my paintings were flat, it wasn't till I was playing around with color on a drawing with colored pencils that I got away from trying to copy exactly what I see and be color exact. I revitalized an old painting by painting a layer of outragous color, bright green, cadium orange, it was a cityscape that originally was in 'local color' the color that was there in real life, but after I did what I did I really liked it. I turned away from using browns and blacks and want to use bright colors, now the next painting I want to do is going to be slightly different from what I had done, I am going to try layering but I am going to practice the tecnique on the smaller canvases before I hit the larger one. So I will be busy.





06/10/2008 * 23:26:28

HI JUlie, Read your blog--you are doing great?!! Its hard to try to paint and make a living by it. That is why I started teachin others. It is a very rewarding thing to see others enjoy art.I taught art for 30 years--I am now retired from it. Due to my health. Anyway, glad you are on artid. Just keep on and don't give up. Its a great life--being an artist. Millie giftsmith.

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