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Julie Akeman About

I love fantasy and Impressionism so I paint them both together with a focus on color and creating a mood. 6 comments


I was born in California, lived in Seattle for seven years then got moved to Kansas when I was a single mom with my daughter living with my parents. I am married now with a second daughter and my husband supports my art. I work as a page in my town's library and only just started putting my art online. Kansas does not have much interest in my type of art. I have been painting all my life and now am trying to make it my living.

I work with oils in fantasy and impressionism. I love color and my colors are very bright and sometimes my paintings seem to be more about the color than the subject chosen. I have taken art classes at Green River Community College back at Washington State and have been working on my art on my own. Very independent minded I'm not sure I can take any classes so I am constantly looking for books or free art lessons online to improve my works. Art is never perfected it is constantly moving towards perfection.


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