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Celia Marcus Art Blog

Colors of Blue and Your Children

by CeliaMarcus , March 10, 2013—12:00 AM

Topics: art, design

You may not know this, but colors can have tremendous effects on you and the way that you feel. For instance, if you go into a room, you might find that you start to calm down or that you start to get more energized. You might assume that that has more to do with the scents in the room or perhaps your overall mood. But chances are that the color is having at least a little effect on your perception and interaction with the room. Over the years, scientists have started trying to understand more about color theory. They have many different theories about why colors affect us the way that they do, but they have come to the conclusion that one color is fairly close to being universally soothing. That color is the color blue. There are several popular theories about the color blue and why it affects us in this way. One of them is that the color passes into the cones of the eyes fairly easily as compared to other shades like yellow. It is an easy color to see, and it is not jarring to the mind. One of the other popular theories is that it is a psychological response because we associate the color blue with soothing things like the rolling sea on a lazy summer day or a clear blue sky in the late spring. These tend to be soothing and relaxing memories, which may then cause an unintended psychological response when we are surrounded by the color blue. As with all things though, there is a catch. The only blues which have this effect are the blues in the true blue family. True blue refers to varying concentrations of blue without any of the other primary colors mixed in. So some of my favorite shades like turquoise and blue violet aren't going to have that same effect because of the yellow or red that has been mixed in along with the regular blue. Fortunately though, shades like cerulean, azure, and royal blue do count as true blues. So after hearing about all of this, I decided to make a little experiment. After all, I am an avid color lover, and if there is a way that I can make my home warmer and friendlier with color, I'm going to do it. My oldest daughter is a very sweet but nervous girl. She gets afraid very easily, and the stress can make it hard for her to cope. Add to that the fact that she is asthmatic, and you can see why it's really important that she learns to calm down. So I decided to give her a special surprise. I was going to redecorate her bedroom. Her current bedroom was quite pretty. Let me tell you, I had put in a lot of work on that stenciled ballerina top. However, the main colors were yellow and pink. Yellow has been found to agitate some children and make them nervous. So I went ahead, moved out all her things, sent her to her grandmother's house for the weekend and got to work. I had recently run across a wonderful little site called "Vision Bedding." They had the widest selections of stock images that I had ever seen, and I had picked out the perfect one. It's a gentle scene of the ocean in true blues with some gulls winging across the inlet. It made me relax just looking at it. They had additional options on the site as well for things like matching curtains and rugs. I went ahead and picked up the curtains but decided to hold off until I saw how Cynthia liked it. The order went through quickly and easily, and before I knew it, the package sat on my doorstep. While I had been waiting, I scrubbed her white carpet thoroughly, repainted the walls and her wooden bed frame, and got my sisters to help me with the organizing everything else. It took a bit longer than we expected, but by the end of the weekend, that little bedroom had turned into a sweet blue paradise. Cynthia came back home and was absolutely delighted. I wish you could have seen her precious little face! She just walked in and stared, turning around slowly and in circles as if she could not believe her eyes. I was so happy to see her delight. It was like a dream come true. But that wasn't the best part. No, that would come later. We all returned to our usual routines, and Cynthia loved her new room. However, I was quite pleased to notice that she actually was calming down. She would curl up in the big beanbag chair underneath the tropical curtains and read her books. She smiled a lot more, and she seemed more at ease, even though she wasn't sure why. I, of course, knew the real reason, and I was so happy for her that I couldn't keep myself from smiling. I don't know if this will work for your children. I know that it worked for mine, and I have found that even for me, blue has been a very calming color. It may be because I expect it, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.



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