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The Continuing Market for Stock Photography

by CeliaMarcus , March 5, 2013—12:00 AM

Topics: art, freelance art, stock photography

Earlier today, I spoke with a young photographer who has become quite concerned and discouraged with the current art market. He insisted that there were no longer any opportunities for creative people and that even the stock photography market was starting to diminish.

Despite the fact that I have had experience in freelance art work and even stock photography, I was unable to convince this young artist of that. He insisted that the markets would all dry up within the next few years.

So when I went back to my little studio, I started doing some research. I'll be writing more about the other sides of this discussion, including the outsourcing and freelance venues that I get most of my work from. But the stock photography part of the conversation bothers me the most.

I'm actually convinced that stock photography is just going to keep getting bigger. I have been submitting photographs to Shutterstock and other similar sites for the past two years, and I'm making a tidy sum. However, I think that even newcomers can get involved in this. There are tons of sites that are using stock photography.

One of my favorites is Vision Bedding. I'll be writing about them a little more later. They're some of my favorites because they use so much stock photography. Their quilt and blanket options can be customized with millions of different images. But they really embody the beauty of stock photography. These pictures can be obtained for a fair price and used to make a business appear more professional.

Now, of course, I would much prefer it if businesses could pay photographers their full price to take custom pictures. But at the same time, I recognize that that isn't feasible. And even I have used stock photography. Oh yes. Veteran freelance artist that I am. I have used stock photography to find pictures of things that I couldn't otherwise find. I think that that is the beauty of stock photography. It allows more options for folks who can't afford exotic pictures or the like to get pictures that fit within their budget.

I don't care for the sites that stiff photographers. I don't much like the ones that try to get all of the rights. However, I also don't think that stock photography is going anywhere. Vision Bedding is an incredible business because it taps into the potential of individual artists and stock photography. There are so many ways that art and pictures can be customized.

So, to make a long story short, no I don't think the market is going any place. I still upload my stock photography every week for the pictures that are left over from my photo shoots and that I probably won't sell elsewhere. Sales have gone up for me. I think that the key is to just keep trying.



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