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My current work is spiritual in nature, inspired by the Florida marshlands. I enjoy taking the raw undefined beauty in nature and exposing it as something beautiful and elegant. The grace in the curve of a palm tree, the simplicity of a cloud reflected on water or the shifting sunlight on foliage fascinates me. I use layers of color and multiple drawings on the same canvas to capture the quiet energy found in nature 5 comments


Christina Darabi has been influenced by art her entire life. She formally studied art at Ohio University, Angelo State University, and University of North Florida and holds a BA in Fine Art with a concentration in Graphic Design. Her passion for art began when as a small child she could not find a brown crayon to color a tree and her mother, who was an accomplished painter and sculptor, showed her that trees had many colors and that the only thing that was limiting was one__™s own vision. Since then Christina has strived to embrace her own intuitive vision and to seek out the extraordinary in the most ordinary of subjects. Her work is filled with the excitement of color and loose brushstrokes intended to evoke an emotional response from the viewer. She has sold pieces in Ohio, Texas, and in Florida.


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