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Chris Culy Art Blog

Revisualizing the Visual exhibit in Bolzano, BZ

by cc_revisvis , June 18, 2010—12:00 AM

Topics: Dolomites, Photo-based, Transformational, digital

My latest show happening now in Bolzano, Italy showcases selections from my ongoing Revisualizing the Visual project.

Revisualizing the Visual: Artwork by Chris Culy

Dates: 11.06 - 09.07.2010

EURAC, Viale Druso 1, Bolzano, Italy

Info: +39 0471 055055

Each piece in the show starts with a photograph that is then transformed into the resulting artwork.

On the exhibition website,, don't miss the video (which is also on display in the physical gallery) that shows my "transformational" process in action.




  Pat McIntyre

06/18/2010 * 15:40:07

What an interesting genre.

The new form is quite extraordinary.

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