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Carrie Merritt About

Greetings and thanks for stopping in to peek at my latest work! My name is Carrie Merritt and since I was a child painting has been an expression of my soul - spoken in color. Inspired by my surroundings, I simply aspire to bring a sense of joy. I hope to make others smile and if only briefly, forget their daily concerns and reflect on the natural world that continues to thrive regardless of any obstacles it may face. The beauty in nature is limitless. While incredibly intricate, flourishing and vibrant, I find it bestows a calming effect on my entire being. I try to reflect this sense of serenity by simplifying it__™s shapes and expressing emotions with the use of color. When I look at my work my heart sparkles, my day brightens and I hope yours will too. I will continue to paint and explore the world around me with my eyes wide open. If there is something in particular you would like painted feel free to contact me at Share your ideas and let__™s make this world a more colorful and beautiful place. 3 comments


I earned my Associates Degree in Graphic Design from Greenfield Community College in 1996. I then attended Massachusetts College of art breifly, but I left to give birth to my greatest creation, my son.

I have continued to persue my career as an artist throughout the years.

In 2000 I started a jewelry business called Agnes and Olive. I designed and fabricated eclectic jewelry from sterling silver, PMC, resin, stones and vintage beads. I did shows across Massachusetts for 4 years. Traveling and spending my weekends away from my family turned out to be too much of a strain so I sought out a different option.

In 2005 my ex-husband and I opened The Mill River Gallery in Williamsburg, Massachusetts. We featured the work of only local artists and craftspeople. I too was able to sell my artwork and that was incredibly rewarding in so many ways.

I was fortunate enough to have the time to indulge in many mediums while running the Gallery but I am always drawn back to painting and drawing which brings me to where I stand today.

The Mill River Gallery closed early 2007 because once again I found myself without any time with my family. Now I am happily at home with my son and two mini dachshunds, Violet and Ruby. They are always by my side and are my greatest inspirations for the drawings and paintings I am making now.

The Dog drawings come purely from my love of dogs. In fact, my hope is to somehow use my drawings as a source for helping some of the thousands of dogs out there who so desperately need the love and compassion of us humans.

I am open to suggestions. If you have any thoughts on how I could do this please drop me a line.

Well I hope you survived my blathering on and have arrived at a better understanding of who I am.

I hope you enjoy my work.