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Carolyn Weltman Guestbook




07/19/2017 * 00:29:35

Amazing work. Just incredibly beautiful and really emotive. I definitely need some! I'd be interested to find out about commissions too?



11/24/2014 * 15:00:32

Hi Carolyn,

Great to see you on linkdn and your galleries. You are great!????

Anyway, I'm considering getting the "Romantic". It's very intimate and loving. I'll let you know when.

Hope you are well. Happy Thanksgiving!



  Marlon ( homepage )

01/10/2013 * 03:49:11

Your poistng lays bare the truth


  John Iuzzini

12/19/2011 * 16:29:54

Hi Carolyn,
We met at the gallery on 3rd avenue, I had the framing of my dogs done when you had the poster of "Spooning" made into a poster. Love your work, great impressions of the human body/bodies. Call me if you need to heat your studio if your Models get chilled!
John I


  Jason Younger

09/05/2011 * 08:07:57

Wow!! Bold and beautiful work!!


  jack adams ( homepage )

06/03/2011 * 14:59:30

Your work is looking great! Stay in touch,
Your Friend


  lauren silvers ( homepage )

05/25/2011 * 20:08:12

beautiful work... love it.



05/03/2011 * 00:46:36

I found a nice portrait of Domenica:

R.I.P. Domenica !!


  Mike Moran

02/25/2011 * 12:17:49

Sophi... once again... the art is made more profound by the story... touching


  Mike Moran

11/29/2010 * 10:34:58

Sophi... love the holiday series... Josie needs miseltoe


  Betsy Davison ( homepage )

09/30/2010 * 10:57:49

I LOVE YOUR SHOE GALLERY!!! Oh Soph...these are just fantastic. I want to get some of your prints for one of my girlfriends who is CRAZY about dancing and loves shoes. I think for xmas. "Carmen's Shoes" is a definite. Maybe a couple of the smaller ones as well. Remind me next month, ok? I'm racing right now.... Chat soon! xoxoxo Bets


  marudhachalam mani ( homepage )

09/24/2010 * 15:33:54

Masterly sketching!


  Jason Schakosky ( homepage )

08/31/2010 * 10:32:15

Nude transgender is really hitting close to home. I know exactly what that person is going through.


  Michael Kidd

07/23/2010 * 15:58:57

Interesting. An s&m perspective is unique and courageous. If you have the time, check out my "Artid" site at Michael Kidd.


  Cindy Aune

07/16/2010 * 13:10:39

I continue to be in awe of your lines. Amazing how you convey the muscle beneath in one line. Really enjoy your work.



07/05/2010 * 15:09:25

hi carolyn.. :)
good all your new figurs..wonderfu creation and


  Robyn Louisell ( homepage )

06/11/2010 * 20:54:34

I really enjoy the works you have here on Artid. I recently took up my hobby of painting again after so many years of being in the industrial field first and then the medical field. The Gods and Men painting is remarkable. What is saying to me is "this is my world, and to come into my world you must first get my attention and prove that you are worthy of my attention" then it does also have some smaller intonations to me, but they are more generalized and typical.
I would so look forward to seeing you show your work in the Kansas City area if you happen to find time to allow us to view here.
I am a fairly new beginning artist, although I've drawn and painting on and off over the years. Since the job market has pretty much been dissappointing to me of late, I am taking up my previous hobby which with any luck will turn into a full time journey for me.
My biggest accomplishment this year will be to find a gallery that will represent me. I've already had some contacts with several but not actually discussed at length with any of them as of yet.
My neighbor has noticed your work as well and she is a big fan now.
Thank you so much for allowing me to see your work here at Artid.
I applaud your work!


  Jody Coughlin ( homepage )

05/05/2010 * 13:35:01

Thanks for stopping by by guest book and leaving such kind words about my drawing (My X is one of my favorites!)


  Kristine Schloer ( homepage )

05/05/2010 * 03:19:28

Love, LOVE, L00000Ve your works!


  Stefanie Haarkamp

04/30/2010 * 13:29:35

In June 2003 I bought a small sized aquarell painting named ‘My Honey‘ (dated 2001) from you while doing a walk on Soho‘s sunny streets. Just couldn‘t resist it.
It‘s a great piece of erotic art and definately means a lot to me on a personal level. Still there‘s only one place for it: above my bed.

warmest regards from Cologne, Germany
Stefanie Haarkamp


  natasha beukes ( homepage )

04/03/2010 * 10:14:08

love your work carolyn!!


  Jim Patterson ( homepage )

02/23/2010 * 14:44:51

Wow, what a terrific artist. Thank you for sharing with me. Brings me back down to earth.. in other words, I ain't THAT good.




01/30/2010 * 16:11:30

After seeing her all those years ago, Sophi's Back is now re-framed and on my wall. She is truly one-of-a-kind (like you). Some things were just meant to be!
Take Care,



01/26/2010 * 19:47:12

As time goes by I hope more of your pieces adorn my abode...I utterly ADORE your work!


  Michael Hansen ( homepage )

01/17/2010 * 03:23:37

I like your work very much! Sensual. I am an artist myself. Very interested in sensual/erotic themes.

Wishing you continued success.
Regards, Michael


  Cynthia Fusco ( homepage )

01/11/2010 * 07:33:55

A stunning portfolio to say the least.Awe-inspiring,thought-provoking images that touch the soul.Bravo!!!



  Jody Coughlin ( homepage )

12/08/2009 * 11:26:15

You create what I hope to see.


  bruce kocher ( homepage )

12/03/2009 * 11:46:48

I love your work and if you ever need an older male model I would love to be your muse.


  R. douglas Stover ( homepage )

11/24/2009 * 19:12:39

Carolyn you are fine..finer and finest in one paritcular piece that is most striking to me. All your paintings have met my mark but this one in your studio that just knaws at me and this is "Chin Chin With an Imaginary bird on Her Head". I have studied the body to paint and I studied the body and mind intensively when getting my PsychD while in New Orleans. Perspection!! So key in my mind as Chin Chin's lines sucking me right into this supberb drawing with oil paint..keep on Carolyn..oh by the way please check out my studio with "My Maiden Moddonna" both original and Moddonna II..this is why I am connecting with you..


  muller jean francois ( homepage )

11/22/2009 * 22:05:32

great art.


  Sullivan ( homepage )

10/15/2009 * 09:29:02

Your artwork is so beautiful and sensual, and the two pieces of yours that I have bring warmth and happiness to my home.


  Kirsi P

10/15/2009 * 06:12:45

So utterly sweet and sensual. I admire the way you make lust into poetry.


  Mike Moran

10/09/2009 * 19:39:37

Excellent free...if you ever want any of these shapes in stone,I'm at your Mike


  J D St Clair

09/20/2009 * 11:23:01

gorgeous ... so very


  ric ( homepage )

08/31/2009 * 19:41:07

you have great art if yu have any tips so i can sell my art could you contact me thnx,rick


  Jonathan Madden ( homepage )

08/30/2009 * 20:47:30

Hi Carolyn,
Superb composition,with a unique and bold presence.I marvel at your strength.
Just damn good.


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