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Carolyn Weltman Art Blog

Testosterone and Other Toppings

by CarolynWeltman , September 29, 2012—12:00 AM

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Testosterone and Other Toppings

Opening Reception Saturday October 13th 6pm - 10pm

Vitruvian Gallery 734 7th Street, SE, 2nd Floor Washington, DC 20003

"Renowned NYC Artist, Carolyn Weltman debuts her stunning work in the Washington, DC area. If you follow male figurative art, you'll recognize Carolyn's unmistakable style from coverage in 100 Artists of the Male Figure, The Art of Man (a journal of male figurative art), and many other publications. "Testosterone and Other Toppings" includes over 30 pieces of her work featuring male, female, and transgender subjects. In each piece the artist depicts a form of aggression, contest, or sexual assertiveness. Even when adopting a submissive role, it's clear that Carolyn's subjects are in charge of getting their needs met.

The title, "Testosterone and Other Toppings" hints at the role of various hormones in competitive behavior and sexual aggression for all genders as well as the influence of multiple other factors. Yet this is not a collection designed to tell a single story; each piece decisively stands alone as a complete story or poem, as Carolyn prefers, with each having sufficient complexity to continue revealing itself for many years to come. The work is beautiful, disturbing, fun, and startling all at the same time...much like each of us, if we're honest with ourselves."



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