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100 Artists of the Male Figure now in bookstores ...

by CarolynWeltman , March 13, 2011—02:19 PM

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I am very excited to share with you a special event.

My artwork has been included both on the covers and inside the newly published book 100 Artists of the Male Figure by E. Gibbons: This is the very first hard-cover book, EVER, dedicated to living artists of the contemporary male figure in traditional media like painting, drawing and sculpture. This book includes NO photography, NO digital imagery or cartoons, and NO erotic work; just beautiful works of painting, drawing and sculpture.

The visual variety of the male form in this new book is astounding in its diversity, representing artists from all over the globe. It includes my work, of course, as well as photorealist works by Parisian artist Jacques Sultana to the highly abstracted paintings by Iranian artist Mohsen Irani and encompasses the Pop inspired images of Tokyo artist Cauro Hige to Surrealist works by Qu__bec's Jean Cha_ney. The breadth of this book is a delight and a feast for the eyes with over 400 full color images from these 100 remarkable artists.

Links with more information about the book and places where it can be ordered are at

Publishers Description: Images of the classical female figure are more prevalent in the contemporary figurative art world, as the nude male has been shunned as too potent or treated as a sex symbol. This book bravely showcases works by male and female artists from around the world that focus on this classic subject. Painting, drawings, and sculptures display broad and varied styles, including portraiture, studies, Pop Art, abstract, and photorealism. Read each artist's approach to the male figure through candid personal statements. Nearly 400 works capture masculine beauty in many styles. This resource brings balance to the figurative art world and is an ideal reference for artists, curators, dealers, students, and collectors. ~Schiffer Publishing.

Both front and back cover images are for sale and will make great collector's items for those of you who will be buying the book. Both images are on 100% cotton rag paper and approx. 11" __ 15". Please email me if you are interested in purchasing either of them.




  Sophi ( homepage )

03/24/2011 * 10:51:11

Alex thank you so much. I'm really thrilled and proud to be in this wonderful book. Power to E.Gibbons for sure.


  alex gantioqui

03/14/2011 * 01:21:35

Hi Sophi,

Congratulations! Your works really deserved to be included in the book of E.Gibbons. More Power to you and to E. Gibbons!


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