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Carolyn Weltman Art Blog

Contracts and Business Forms for Fine Artists

by CarolynWeltman , November 21, 2010—12:00 AM

Topics: artists, business forms, commissions, contracts, legal forms

I studied hard this week and came up with a contract for my commissioned work. Previously, I had always made verbal arrangements with my clients and provided invoices. Everyone was always happy like the beautiful couple in the image shown here. Then suddenly, a woman client with no sense of time and a male client who expressed that my work had so captured what he wanted, he could not look at it, launched me into doing some research.

What an adventure that became. With the assistance of a dearest friend who understands contracts, Google is my friend, and the hugely helpful information and templates given in "Business and Legal Forms for Fine Artists" by Tad Crawford, I drew up my contract. What a gem this little book is, thank you Tad.

All this research and tailoring my own contract to suit the special needs of my work, led me to discover how much the law is on the artist's side when it comes to recovering monies owed. Not that this always helps, of course. However, I did discover in my particular case, that all the work becomes mine and deposits do not need to be refunded if the client fails to pay the balance due. The biggest lesson that I learned, brush up on my business skills and become more professional as a manager of my work as well as an artist. And another valuable lesson - the client is not my friend.

I have always had contracts in place for galleries and shows as well as model releases and other business transactions. Now I have a well crafted one for future commissions that protects both me and my client.





07/08/2011 * 22:55:14

Absolutely beautiful spellbinding pieces of work. I felt drawn into the very essence of the art. I am not an artist, but to me, a piece of art, should breath an air of excitement into you and stir feelings. A painting et al i feel should become a living and breathing piece of work. Each one of this artists work that I viewed achieved this for me. Simply magical and beautiful.

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