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Carolyn Weltman Art Blog

A Homage to Curvy Women

by CarolynWeltman , July 6, 2010—12:00 AM

Topics: Drawing, art, celebration, curvy, erotic, full-figured, nudes, painting, portrait, voluptuous

Yesterday I added a new gallery to my studio. A Homage to Curvy Women celebrates women's bodies and their beautiful curves. I've always loved to draw larger women, they remind me of voluptuous landscape. Hills and valleys.

Woman historically have many issues with their bodies, be they small or large, fat or thin, long-legged, short-waisted. I find all of you quite beautiful. However there have been women (and men) that I've not wanted to draw or paint. Its about who they are and not what they are.

And in case the men are feeling left out, I'll be adding a gallery for you soon. Interestingly, I do find larger women are more open to being drawn than larger men.

Enjoy my large and lovelies. I'll be happy to hear what you think of them. You'll find them right here ...




  Carolyn Weltman ( homepage )

07/06/2010 * 15:40:00

thanks so much, Mary. you'll just have to come and model for me and bring along some stripey socks of your own. next time you look in the mirror, just see yourself with my eyes.


  ArtId Staff ( homepage )

07/06/2010 * 13:21:57

OOoooohhhh, you make them/me look so lovely. It is hard to feel like you could look this good when you are amply endowed. The beautiful quality of line you have would be welcomed in the mirror. I especially like the striped socks on SMOKIN' JOSE. SO wicked witch of the west- y.

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