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Carolyn Weltman Art Blog

Don't Give Up the Artwork Until it is Paid For

by CarolynWeltman , July 2, 2010—12:00 AM

Topics: erotic, lovers, oil, painting, sales, spirituality, sumo warriors, trading

I do normally try to keep my blogs positive, however sometimes a person just needs to vent.

During my career as an artist, I've been disappointed many times by galleries who refused to return my work; people who have reneged on sales; and so many others who in some way or other, took advantage of my being an artist to disrespect that this is my career. I've come to understand that many people have a twisted view of the value of an artist's work.

I've learnt to deal with knowing that "no matter what!" people will steal my images off the internet and even in some instances, claim them as their own. I've learnt to move on and I've also "toughened up". However, recently I once again allowed myself to fall prey to a would-be photographer who claimed that she would photograph many of my works in exchange for a small painting. She has the painting. I do not have the images.

The lessons - 1. I need to invest in a small camera and learn to take my own images. 2. In future, I need to stick to my own rule, don't give up the artwork until it is fully paid for. 3. Allow the universe to deal with those who do not respect artists and especially their fellow artists and let go of any bad feelings I may have towards those who prey on me.

I shall miss this little painting.




  Robyn Louisell ( homepage )

07/14/2010 * 15:11:24

I believe that everyone gets their just desserts in due time. Although we may not be around to bear witness to those just desserts.
But, nobody can replace the artist that created the work. They can try to beg, borrow, steal, copy, and plagarize, but the original artist is the one that has the knowledge of the original art piece.

That is the way I feel about the paintings I did that you mentioned about.

No one can take your place dear friend.

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