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Carolyn Weltman Art Blog

Put On Your Red Dress, Baby - nude female

by CarolynWeltman , June 23, 2010—12:00 AM

Topics: art, bondage, dancing, erotic, excitement, nudes, oil, painting, romance


I painted my lovely model, Lili all dressed up in her red dress straight onto the paper. Lili had bought a cd in the subway on the way over to the studio. The Stumblebum Brass Band. I tied her up in her red dress and turned up the music. Lili danced in place throughout our session. Her beautiful bottom bouncing in time to the music. You can see her dancing, can't you? The original painting was on exhibition at the National Arts Club in NYC in February 2009 and the limited edition print was recently on show at Parlor Gallery, Asbury Park. NJ and is being shown at The Dirty Show in Detroit, IL later this month.

Original oil, watercolour, nail enamel and gesso on 100% cotton rag. Framed beautifully in a wood and brass frame. (I can provide a picture of this piece framed if you contact me).

Limited Edition Prints and open edition prints are available of this piece. Please contact me for information.




  Carolyn Weltman ( homepage )

07/06/2010 * 15:42:59

thank you Robyn, what a very generous thing so say. :)


  Robyn Louisell ( homepage )

06/23/2010 * 08:55:31

I've been viewing this particular piece on a daily basis. Thank you for posting the information of how it came about.
You painting are those that I really see a lot of intricacy in. I treasure the times when I view your works. I look up to you as an artist.
Take care

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