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Arts de Valentine a Rip Roaring Success ...

by CarolynWeltman , March 4, 2010—12:00 AM

Topics: Exhibitions, art, art events, belly dancers, celebrating, collaboration, erotic, erotic art, erotica, excitement, galleries, nudes, romance, valentine

On Valentine's Day this year, Birmingham, Alabama hosted their very first Erotic Art Exhibition complete with belly dancers, (they were fabulous) masks, flashlights and most importantly, some really wonderful artwork. Leo Ticheli the organiser of this innovative event, unsure if he'd be run out of town or not, courageously rounded up his artists from both the immediate area and some of us from further afield to put together this event.

Having been invited to attend and given a special mask to wear, I just as courageously headed south with a few of my paintings and drawings to lend a New York touch to the affair.

The event brought in probably about four or five hundred people, we even witnessed a line at the door to get in. City dignitaries were in attendance and flashlights flickered over the artwork with great excitement and much chatter and a lot of money and artwork changed hands.

I am so honoured that they have chosen my Carnival Queen as their go to girl for next year's event and I've already been instructed to put February 13, 2011 on my calendar.

What I hope for next year, even more submissions and now we know we will not be banished, some edgier artwork. Those of you who create erotic art, look out for next year's event as I'm fairly sure this will grow into an annual event along the lines of Seaf and the Dirty Show.

Kudos, Birmingham Alabama, Leo Ticheli and Barehands Gallery for bravely putting together such a remarkable event.




  Yusuf ( homepage )

12/19/2015 * 22:41:46

You have been busy!!! Congrats on both book being available now. Maybe Liz and Me will get me heokod on women's fiction! Will give it a read soon


  kris childs

03/29/2010 * 09:24:42

...the Carnival Queen now reigns at:
iiis. an optical shop / iiis. the art gallery
located in Birmingham Alabama....see image on
BareHands FB.



03/22/2010 * 23:37:20

Sounds like it was a lot of fun and excitement. Looking forward to hearing about next years event

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