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Carolyn Weltman Art Blog

My World of Erotic Art - part 1

by CarolynWeltman , February 28, 2010—12:00 AM

Topics: Drawing, art, celebrating, erotic, erotic art, erotica, excitement, loneliness, nudes, painting, pornography, romance, solitude, spirituality

The day I decided to become an artist, I decided to do what is art.

My decision to explore erotica and/or pornography in my painting and drawing was based on wanting to provide a message of acceptance and tolerance for one another. No judgements. One of the hardest lessons for us all to absorb. In my work I strive to demonstrate tolerance of self. Our bodies, minds, souls are to be honoured.

Regardless of whether its Fine Art or Erotica or what some consider pornography that we're talking about, both are created from my time on earth, from my soul, my heart and my intellect, my sexuality and my physical being. To me, creativity is all of those things interwoven and working together.

Through my painting and drawing and to some extent my writing, I bring to life my deeper thoughts and ideas. My paintings and drawings are essentially concerned with the human figure. Movement, whether or not it is portrayed, has become a central element in my recent works. The characters in my paintings and drawings are powerful and only made more so for enduring how I have portrayed them. I am fascinated by the dynamics and the erotic fluidity of their movement. The exquisitely contained energy and absolute stillness of the movement within a body which might be captured in bondage. Compare to this the powerfully controlled flight of the trapeze artist, dancers in the air. Acknowledge it in the perfect timing of motion and the disciplined energy of the danseuse and the athlete. Sense it in the primal body urge of a fallen boxer with the tautness of muscles struggling to attack. So much, ___stilled___ motion in the contained velocity of that attack. These movements of athletes and dancers are as exquisite and economical as those of animals in the wild.

My intention is to bring you with me on my exploration and to open a dialogue on erotica and pornography and its place in fine art today and throughout the history of art.




  Betsy Davison ( homepage )

03/01/2010 * 16:30:55

I look forward to your next blogs! Great topic and should be fascinating...

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