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Carolyn Weltman Art Blog

Stones and Gods and Men

by CarolynWeltman , November 20, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: Drawing, clay, collaboration, engraving, excitement, nudes, painting, stones

A few weeks ago, I was wandering around in Artid and found myself in Michael Moran's studio. I was immediately fascinated by Mike's stones and spent a long time in his studio looking at his work and reading his blogs.

I didn't contact Mike. However, about three days later I received an email from him telling me he liked my work too and would I consider a collaboration with him. I always pay attention to the universe and believe there are no coincidences. I did not need to think about it or be persuaded.

Mike has already started working with one of my images, Gods and Men and you can see the first piece of work in his blog. Mike is going to video tape the whole process and he and I will be writing a joint blog on our collaboration.

I am honoured that an artist whose work I respect and admire has expressed a desire to work from my images. Stay tuned for further developments from both Mike and me. I'm excited.




  R. douglas Stover ( homepage )

11/24/2009 * 20:05:33

Hello Caroline you are so right about life and the Universe being a place infrequent to coincidence. I commented on your Guestbook and my focus then was on "Chin Chin" and the imaginary or let's say imagery. Much of your work or may be all is full of this...let me stop and say that I am a victim of multiple brain injuries. I also have some physiological disabilities and all now have been defeated, along with my psychology these have allowed me to gain tremendous insight..insight in that I can only know through my senses and then perceive first and reason second. "Imagery" is critcal to understanding..Caroline you in your paintings are imagery. You have to be and as the Greek or Italian may say "fantastico"..thank you for your work!!..


  Mary Lawler ( homepage )

11/23/2009 * 13:28:19

Your drawings and paintings are crazy good and the idea to collaborate with Michael is brilliant. I can see this going a long way.


  Paul Saulnier ( homepage )

11/22/2009 * 10:28:54

awesome ...very nice....i love it ...its an amazing painting



11/21/2009 * 20:59:41

your new set of boxers are superb...any pictures of mine you want are yours...thanks for mentioning me on your blog...after Sophi...Josie...maybe one of your your model Sol? Mac the Knife's website was a revelation...thought I was the only one thinking like dat...

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