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Carolyn Weltman

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To see the exhibition of abstract american painters circa 1940 - 1960. This exhibition is vast and with far too many paintings to absorb in one visit. (A topic for a future blog, do museums curate such large exhibits in order to bring people back and make more money?). As a very figurative painter myself, I've always had issues with understanding abstract art and mostly have to follow my gut. For instance, I completely feel the genius of a Jackson Pollock but in an entirely subjective way. The passion shows through in his paintings but the paintings themselves don't make sense to me. I am a lot more comfortable with De Kooning's more figurative works as well as his colour palette. Painters like Barnett Newman leave me confused and uncomfortable… Continue reading… 11 comments

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." -Mahatma Gandhi. Throughout the history of art many of our greatest artists, those who painted from their souls, have been persecuted, thrown in jail, belittled and made outcasts for expressing their ideas and beliefs through their work. Some of the greatest works of art have been destroyed or denounced, nudity and erotic art being no exceptions to this. Egon Schiele, Auguste Rodin and Edgar Degas (to name just three) were all thrown in jail for drawings and paintings that now appear in museums and galleries worldwide and are sold for millions of dollars apiece. Since the age of cave paintings, a majority of artists have depicted nudity and often erotica in their work… Continue reading… 11 comments