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Carolyn Weltman

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Here Kitty, Kitty! This is another painting of my fascinating model, Lili. This time I have her crouching on all fours like a kitty cat and looking up at me from under her mohawk hair. She wears her high heels defiantly. Here Kitty, Kitty has been on exhibition at Fresh Girls, a solo show at Art at Large, NYC and at Hot and Happy, also a solo show at Porninart, Zurich. Oils and watercolour crayons on 100% cotton rag paper… Continue reading… 0 comments

To see the exhibition of abstract american painters circa 1940 - 1960. This exhibition is vast and with far too many paintings to absorb in one visit. (A topic for a future blog, do museums curate such large exhibits in order to bring people back and make more money?). As a very figurative painter myself, I've always had issues with understanding abstract art and mostly have to follow my gut. For instance, I completely feel the genius of a Jackson Pollock but in an entirely subjective way. The passion shows through in his paintings but the paintings themselves don't make sense to me. I am a lot more comfortable with De Kooning's more figurative works as well as his colour palette. Painters like Barnett Newman leave me confused and uncomfortable… Continue reading… 11 comments

She Flies Through the Air was named after that wonderful song, "she flies through the air with the greatest of ease, the daring young girl on the flying trapeze ..." My model, Beth stayed in this pose for a whole hour for me as well as doing two other poses during the same session. One of which was a complete inversion. She's so dedicated, don't you think? This piece is also available as an open edition prints in smaller sizes and I also have the original drawing for sale. Please contact me for more information. Price includes shipping charges… Continue reading… 0 comments

The day I decided to become an artist, I decided to do what is art. My decision to explore erotica and/or pornography in my painting and drawing was based on wanting to provide a message of acceptance and tolerance for one another. No judgements. One of the hardest lessons for us all to absorb. In my work I strive to demonstrate tolerance of self. Our bodies, minds, souls are to be honoured. Regardless of whether its Fine Art or Erotica or what some consider pornography that we're talking about, both are created from my time on earth, from my soul, my heart and my intellect, my sexuality and my physical being. To me, creativity is all of those things interwoven and working together… Continue reading… 1 comment

I've always hated openings and other social functions and an opening to a solo show has to be the worst. All those people who came to scrutinize my work and surround me with their thoughts and comments. I understand that its good for me and constructive criticism is always welcome. However, I started painting Will You Still Love Me? the night I came home from one such opening. There must have easily been two hundred people in that small room and I was overwhelmed and emotionally exhausted. I took it out on my canvas, that night painting for six hours before I fell into my bed in the "late" early hours of the morning. For the next two months, Will You Still Love Me? painted herself. I would look at her and see changes I'm fairly sure I did not make… Continue reading… 2 comments