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Carolyn Weltman About

Carolyn Weltman has exhibited her unique pieces worldwide and has received acclaim for her many solo shows in New York and Europe. Her work has been auctioned by houses such as Christie____™s, Sothebys and Philips de Pury and surveyed in documentaries and television shows such as City TV and most recently, David Fine____™s Sex Art. She has been widely published by both American and European presses (for example, Penthouse Magazine International; Maxim Jakubowski____™s Mammoth Series, Cupido). Her work is collected by both individuals of note and museums, including among the latter the Kinsey Institute Collection of Erotic Art and the Tom of Finland Museum. She has also been a featured artist at the New York Museum of Sex. Carolyn is a proud member of Idiosynchronism, a group of international artists who proudly claim in their manifesto that their purpose is mischief. Carolyn was recently a juror for Erotic Signature____™s The World____™s Greatest Erotic Art of Today, Vol. 3. Carolyn lives and works in New York City. ________________________________________ 36 comments


"I am holding out my heart to you.

If you are brave and hold out your heart too,

One day our hearts will spread all over the world."

Thank you for visiting my gallery. I am Carolyn Weltman, a painter, who uses oils, watercolour crayons, charcoal, graphite and gesso as well as sometimes my computer to bring to life my innermost thoughts, my poems and ideas.

I became an artist at the age of 50 after spending a greater part of my adult life in the corporate world. I wish I could tell you that there was an event or influence in my early life that prompted me to specialize in erotic art but that is regrettably a pop-psychological view and has no currency in my life nor among other erotic artists that I know. I think that many people proceed in their lives and in their art having had no clear formative (or de-formative) influences. I know that is true of my own work.

My career began by selling on the streets of New York____™s famous Soho art district and in Union Square____™s art market. On any given day, two thousand or more will pass my display and as a result, i've been documented; invited by galleries and asked to exhibit in many shows; given much free press and collected many new clients. I am currently represented by three galleries in the United States as well as three galleries overseas in Australia, Switzerland and the UK. In addition to working the outdoor markets, I sell my work online, through auction houses such as Sothebys and Phillips de Pury, and of course, from my studio. I also specialise in private commissions including for publications.

My paintings are concerned with human sexuality. My artist____™s statement begins with, _____My perspective begins poetically with me alone. It extends out to the mood of my models, then to my drawing, my painting and ultimately to the living spaces of my patrons. I am utterly and unashamedly ecumenical in my fascination with the human form and the imaginative capacity for loving of its inhabitants._____

What I set out to do in my painting and drawing is to provide a message of acceptance and tolerance for one another. No judgments. It is one of the hardest lessons for us all to absorb. In the end, my work is about self acceptance, that our bodies, minds and souls are to be honoured. Our needs, cravings, fetishes and sexuality are all parts of ourselves. We need to share our feelings honestly, not hide them. If we hide them, we become criminals in our own minds. My focus is to show my audience that their feelings are far more normal than they probably realise and to be accepting of whom they are.

It is impossible for me to separate my sexuality from my creativity, a phenomenon suggested by Freud and later Alfred Kinsey to be true of many artists. I am proud to have two pieces in the permanent collection of the Kinsey Institute which is the most comprehensive collection of erotic art in the world. I remember being erotically stimulated and strongly influenced by the paintings of Francis Bacon and drawn to artists who portrayed the melancholy the seedy, the dark and the macabre in painting. I taught myself to paint by studying paintings of Vermeer, Van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci more for his drawing, and the melancholy angel Modigliani for his moodiness and his passion. I think just about all the great Spanish painters have inspired me for their joyful exuberance. I____™ve often run my fingers gently over a painting by one of the great Masters in museums when the guards were not looking at me, in order to learn how the paint was applied to the canvas

Bondage, whether or not it is portrayed, is a central element in my work. Where many would view the image of a person tied as that person____™s power having been diminished, the characters in my paintings and drawings are powerful and only made more so for enduring how I have portrayed them.

I once asked my 80-year-old mother what she thought of my work. She responded, "It____™s very honest work, dear." She followed that up with quite a long lecture on shoe fetishism. She told me she'd lived vicariously through me for most of my life. When my mum told me it was ok to do something, I believed her.

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License. To view a copy of this license, visit or send a letter to Creative Commons, 171 Second Street, Suite 300, San Francisco, California, 94105, USA.


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