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Caroline Henry Art Blog

The Quiet after the Regatta

by Caroline , June 3, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: color, ink, making art, plein air, technique, watercolor

A sail boat at Huntington Lake rests in dock near summer's end in the High Sierra mountains of California. The lake is famous for its July sailboat regatta, but soon there will be frost on the ground in the mornings and the boats will be hauled away to dry dock or milder climates. The work was drawn in ink and the lines are an important part of the image. Watercolor brings up the brilliant blues of the craft and the water, the green of the pines and the brown deck planking. Image is 11×14 in a 16" by 20" double mat.

I love to sit out and draw/paint this kind of thing, especially when wind and sun dry watercolor quickly. The evaporation time under such conditions seems to increase at elevation. Drawing plus quick, wet work with the brush helps avoid edges where they are not wanted, the great peril of not keeping watercolors wet enough. Its a pleasure to do works in studio with a bead of water making its path down the page and building multiple glazes. It is also frustrating if you don't "go with the flow" when you cannot control atmospheric conditions!



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