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Caroline Henry Art Blog

Art and Artisans

by Caroline , May 30, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: art, making art, the artist's life

I was photographing the drawing for an oil I was about to begin. I rather liked the drawing itself as value study and because it was a useful way to deal with some of the paint sludge that forms at the bottom of a those mixes one makes to thin paints or clean brushes .

I was struck by how the infant painting looked leaning against the new curtains that I am making for our studio/office room. From there I started thinking about how many of my artist friends also enjoy doing so many things by hand, being both artist and artisan, so to speak. Among us we sew, do carpentry, cook from scratch, grow gardens and preserve their fruits, It seems the creative urge is not just about art but is central of the lives of many people The need to earn food for the table, kibbles for Spot, and a roof over one's head can cut into available time and lead to buying more ready-mades, of course. In the years after I had developed a passion for painting, some of the other things I had loved doing were shoved aside because I had only so many hours available outside the duties of an English teacher.

I've enjoying returning to some of those activities as well as having more painting time during the past (post retirement from teaching) year.

I know there is the view point that any time spent on anything other than developing your specialty is time wasted. I think that works very well for many people. Yet for many of us creating art is just one large and wildly important part of the larger task of creating a life and a personal world.




  Maria Williams-Russell ( homepage )

05/31/2008 * 16:44:05

Nicely put.

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