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Caroline Henry Art Blog

Thoughts on Ice and Snow on a Blistering Day

by Caroline , May 15, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: animals, ink, making art, watercolor

This is our first 100 degree plus day of the season; to be precise it reached 103F. Seems a good time to think about an Ice Age creature and that lovely snow. I originally did the black and white ink painting as an illustration for a poetry chapbook I was putting together. Later I decided to add the watercolor and liked it better for it.

A tiny reproduction of ink painting illustrates "Snowflake" in WALKING IN JOHN MUIR'S BACKYARD which I offer at

Enjoy "Snowflake"

Imagine how long the secret was kept Cavemen saw the world turn white. Wooly mammoths were tripped in ice.

Time passes as quiet snowflakes fell. Norsemen learned to ski. Drifts piled up in the Alps. Rumors of snow were heard in desert lands. Still the secret kept.

Saplings grew to towering snow-crowned giants. Childrren played in snow. Bells jingled on sleighs. The secret kept.

Until light bent to van Leeuwenhoek's lens discovering the beauty that had waited since the Maker created the first snowflake.



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