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Caroline Henry Art Blog

Tangerine Tea

by Caroline , May 5, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: Still Life, dry brush, materials, painting, technique, watercolor

Yupo has received a lot of attention in the blogs recently. Since I just added a piece, will also add some comments of my own. I like Yupo very much. I like the bright colors, the way it makes me work at getting the image I want, and the pleasant surprises it creates. Notice the very watery look in my background. The non-absorbent surface helped me get that. For the details I find I need a light touch and dry brush technique.

I thought the bright tangerine and lemons had a nice presence against the more muted pale depression glass plate and white tablecloth, silver teapot, and white teacup.





05/11/2008 * 18:19:35

Hi, Hey I think you did great with the yupo. keep it up. I may try another one soon. Millie


  Deb Ward ( homepage )

05/06/2008 * 10:48:02

Good job on all of those details in the cup and teapot. You are right about the qualities of paint laying on the top of the Yupo surface.

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