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Caroline Henry Art Blog

Local Color

by Caroline , April 17, 2008—07:14 PM

Topics: ink, making art, technique, watercolor

The pastel I wrote about in my last blog is progressing, with more value contrast and greater development of the paintbrush jar, but I traveled light with art materials as I staffed the gallery today. I set out to do version 1 of Pam's house.

I have done several local buildings in modified contour drawings with a watercolor wash either under or over the drawing. In this one I painted after drawing. Then the color is placed more precisely. It is also fun to just splash out color areas where they will generally belong and build the drawing over that. This one is on Bristol paper. I like the way the ink flows on it.

I like this style especially with old buildings as it tends to exaggerate their unique qualities.

I referred to this as version one because I intend to also do a more traditional watercolor painting of this house.




  Michael Mize ( homepage )

04/17/2008 * 19:34:16

That sounds like a fun way to knock out an image with a lot of playful spontanaeity. Especially with the watercolors going down first. I second your notion about Bristol board and pen and ink. It's the only way to go. I also agree with your assesment that this style of painting does a much better job of capturing the personality of an older house like this.

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