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Caroline Henry Art Blog

What I'm Working On--Again

by Caroline , April 14, 2008—05:33 PM

Topics: Still Life, color, making art, pastel

This pastel has been sitting for a couple of weeks, but I am ready to get back to it. I set up the still life with the weights. Ideally I would have had a large block of time to work straight through, for I also lift those weights three or four days a week. However, it did not work out that way, and I kept having to re-set up. I left off in a combination of frustration and interest in other projects.

I chose the elements of this still life as a colorful, but non-traditional, grouping of objects. The idea of keeping fit, the books behind the towel and weights, and the paint brushes which will appear in that unrefined cylinder behind the other objects are all meaningful in my life. I think I've benefited from moving away from this. I can now look at the forms that are established and rely on logic and visual memory to finish without the set up or a photograph.

A possibly abandoned project has benefited from the perspective found in ignoring it for a while. Will I get a credible piece of work or eventually consign it to the would-have-beens? I'll show you when I finish it.



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