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Caroline Henry Art Blog

Consumnes River Preserve

by Caroline , March 24, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: making art, painting, papyrus, technique, watercolor

Playing with materials here, I've used watercolor on papyrus. I've seen other artists use papyrus for Egyptian or other ancient world themed art. It's fibrous, organic appearance seems to me to call for a nature scene. When I began experimenting with this material as a watercolor surface, I was afraid it would be difficult to paint on. What I found was that it takes color well while offering an excellent opportunity to lift paint. In other words, it is quite forgiving. The fibers of the paper show through transparent watercolor, so I would recommend it only where the pattern of woven grass fibers compliments rather than distracts from your theme.




  Jackie Griswold ( homepage )

06/18/2008 * 18:35:11

This is stunning! The "ragged" edges of the papyrus are set off beautifully by the background. What a wonderful idea to use papyrus with watercolors. Thank you for sharing this.


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