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Caroline Henry Art Blog

A Great Day for Making Art!

by Caroline , March 19, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: acrylic, making art, plein air

Wonderful experience painting this afternoon. I set up out in the yard, enjoying the sunshine, and painted Iceland poppies. It was windy enough to dry the surface of the blobs of acrylic on my palette, and there were lots of allergens in the air. Nevertheless it was great to just sit out and paint.

If you are in the more frigid zones, moderate your envy. The San Joaquin Valley of California is guaranteed dry summers with plenty of 100 degree plus days.

I've been so busy working for art the past several days, I haven't had much time to make art. We had a successful Spring Show, lots of visitors, and selling just over 10 percent of the show including one of my paintings.

On the topic of making art--I've been loving seeing what is moving across the banner of Artid's home page. And I'm interested in seeing the final outcome of the self-portrait in progress on Zanderlassen's blog.



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