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Caroline Henry Art Blog

What's This? Caveman PhotoShop?

by Caroline , March 17, 2008—06:00 PM

Topics: inspiration, making art, mixed media, technique

I have created several mixed media paintings which were inspired by something I photographed because of its startling resemblance to something else. Then I let my imagination run wild to build a world in which that altered reality is the correct one. "Sacrifice and Celebration" is the only one of these paintings still in my possession.

I haven't gotten into altered photography, but these mixed media/collage works that include bits of photographs have been great fun to do. I took the photograph of the boulders at Bryce Canyon, the kelp "carrot" at the beach, and the butterfly at a park. The rest of the work is done in marker pen, colored pencil and oil pastel. I knew I would need lots of bright color to create a tropical feel. The background was drawn directly on the watercolor paper, but foreground items were glued in place. This was slow work, and of course I had my own back story in mind as a created it.

I hope it makes you smile.



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