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Caroline Henry Art Blog

Follow the Trail

by Caroline , March 13, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: inspiration, making art, pencil drawing, plein air, technique

I love to draw. It is so valuable in learning to really see the world around onself. Graphite pencil, this drawing was begun while we were hiking in the redwood forests near Santa Cruz, California. Later workings in my homes studio defined value and added detail. I've made my area of greatest contrast point the viewer deeper into the trail. The distant areas are smudged into a foggy, misty look. This is in part to carry through the reality of coastal forest, but it is also to emphasize the mystery of the trail. There is always discovery around the next turn.

This promise of discovery as we go deeper into the trail that is offered is as true for our art as for the world of nature. The surprises are one of the things that keep me on this path. What about you?



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