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Caroline Henry Art Blog

Sleeping Dog, capturing personality in animal portraits

by Caroline , April 25, 2013—12:00 AM

Topics: animals, color, colored pencil, light, making art, pencil drawing, portrait, reflected color

Many of us enjoy painting animals, and key to satisfaction by both viewer and artist is to find the uniqueness in the animal and capture it in the portrait. One doesn't want a generic Dog, Cat, Gerbil, or even Lion. What makes this creature special in its personality or its relationship to its environment?

In this case, a small dog keeps one ear at an alert angle while he naps. Even in repose, there is a hint that this is a lively, energetic personality. Color is another means of putting emotion into the work of art. Sometimes it is better to bypass local color for color choices that say more. Much of the shiny black fur is rendered in purples as it picks up and reflects light. The browns have orange tones. The dog has curled himself into a green and orange wrap, cozy and colorful.



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