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Caroline Henry Art Blog

Painting on white clay

by Caroline , March 7, 2008—10:44 AM

Topics: Clay board, making art, painting, scratch, technique, watercolor

I completed this painting a few months ago after a week in California's north east corner with its mix of mountains and high desert. I used photos for reference, abetted by memories of the sheen of the still water and countless viewings of egrets along waterways. Ampersand's koalin clay coated board seemed like the perfect support because I could scratch back the white grasses, the whitest water sparkles, and much of the egret. It also lifts well to create high wispy clouds and the sheen on the water.

As you move toward completion you really have to work at not using too much water, or you will lift color instead of adding it. However, I enjoy working with this challenge. I love the flow of traditional watercolor on paper, but paint puddles with an attitude are fun, too. After all I was a middle school teacher for years; I can handle attitude!

I've been away from my blog and working for art rather than in art most of the week. Being in the middle of the process of putting on an art show and acquiring new gallery/workshop space is a real time eater! On the other hand, I'm excited about the quality of art that we received and looking forward to seeing how the judging by our three jurors comes out on this this weekend. (If you are in northern California, head for Woodbridge winery, a mile east of Hwy 99, just north of Lodi, on March 15 or March 16 when this show will be presented.)

Exciting, too, that we will soon reopen our community art group's gallery.



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