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Caroline Henry Art Blog

Rapunzel's Bad Hair Day ink drawing

by Caroline , April 12, 2013—12:00 AM

Topics: Drawing, humor, ink, line, narrative art, story telling, titles

This drawing started out to be about wind windblown hair. Who is the ultimate representative of long, lovely hair--Rapunzel, of course, at least in the world of fairy tale. Because I have a sense of humor, and because every good tale deserves a variation "Rapunzel's Bad Hair Day" came into being. Doing the work as a line drawing gave me a chance to include long lines, fun details, and good areas of white space.

Rapunzel looks out her tower window on an incredibly windy day. Strands of hair wind in and out of three arched windows. Her cat has abandoned playing with yarn to get tangled up in wind blown strands of her tresses. The most beautiful girl in the land can have a bad hair day just like the rest of us. Other details of the drawing give hints that her pastimes include reading the Who's Who of Princes of Europe and doing stitchery, as she longs for adventures in the wide world beyond the tower. This original drawing will be shipped in a cello sleeve inside a stiff photo mailer to protect it from folds or wrinkles.

Titling the finished drawing was as easy as incorporating an oh-so-common problem with a well known story. If a work of art has humor or whimsy, it deserves a title that invites a smile.



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