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Caroline Henry Art Blog

Fall Pears Mixed Media

by Caroline , February 8, 2013—12:00 AM

Topics: Still Life, color, composition, inspiration, mixed media, the creative process, watercolor

I loved creating this art piece. Pears have such a lovely shape, and the paper itself provided inspiration. A luscious golden pear is painted on paper imbedded with foliage and petals. A smaller red pear floats in the upper left. It takes a close look to sort out the watercolor an marker work from with plant matter. The colors within the vegetation provided a palette for the painting. More texture comes from the stitchery on the backing piece, the linen threads of the first mat, and the suede finish on the 8" by 10" mat. A deeper hue of the same color group made a fine frame that kept the layering going. The floating pear and the off centered large pear give liveliness to art which has an overall feeling of warmth and calmness. It would be attractive in any location where you want a feeling of harmony and to nurture positive emotions.



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