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Caroline Henry Art Blog

Finding Joy--Midnight in Indio

by Caroline , February 28, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: art, art events, inspiration, making art, mood, painting, shadow, watercolor

I've been doing a lot of leg work and waiting about for people as part of the preliminaries that will allow my local art group to get into a new gallery/classroom space just in time to take in art from throughout our region for the 48th Lodi Spring Art Annual at Woodbridge Winery. Well, anyway impatience erodes and art heals. I waited impatiently at the finance dept. on the final step of approvals to get our utilities connected Then I began sketching a little boy working with a puzzle to pass the time while his parents resolved their problem at the desk. It was quite fun passing that little sketch on to his mother, and hearing a "that was sweet" from the young lady who then helped me.

Similarly, at "Midnight in Indio" art led the way out of moments of misery and got me smiling again. Several years ago, when my hair was longer and permed, my husband and I had stopped overnight in Indio in the Mojave Desert on a road trip. The heat just was not cut by the noisy room air conditioner in the motel where we were staying. Add to that Tom snores when he is very tired or a room is overheated. I couldn't sleep. Tried reading--was distracted by the heat and various noises. Why not try painting--in the bathroom, rather than turn on a light in the room where Tom slept. So it would be imagination, fixtures, or a self-portrait. I opted for the self portrait and had fun with it. The harsh front lighting made for great shadows behind me. I chose to emphasize the deer-caught-in-the-headlights quality of my eyes and the dark rings of sleeplessness. By the time I was finished, I was in a better temper, and it had finally cooled enough for a few hours of sweet sleep.



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